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Our Services

Our Services

As well as architecturally designed homes, extensions and renovation work, Modarch offers the following design speciality services:

  • Expert advice on green materials and technologies – including energy rating
  • Building with stipulated materials e.g Forde
  • Multiple housing and unit developments
  • Commercial and industrial building design
  • Educational and sport facilities
  • Shop and office fitouts
  • Kitchen design
  • Site selection

Expert advice on green materials and technologies – including energy rating

We understand that there are a lot of, ‘green experts’, giving advice on many products. Our expertise in this area is second to none. Our philosophy is to build sustainable green homes, that are functional and make a real contribution to energy efficiency. We also are committed to providing clients with advice on the use of sustainable materials.

Modarch can advise you about reducing toxic fumes in the home by recommending materials that have either no or low Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC – IE less pollutants than others. Hence reducing the chances of your home becoming a, ‘sick building’ in the future.

Building with stipulated materials

We specialise in designs where developers stipulate the types of materials that must be used for instance, in Ford, glass, timber and steel must be used in construction. We are experts in the use of materials that comply with these regulations and yet, are at the cutting edge in technology, such as metal cladding.

Site selection/ Multiple housing and unit developments/ Commercial and industrial building design

With new developments being released, how do you know what the best site is from an environmental point of view?

If planning a multiple dwelling, commercial and industrial building design, multi-purpose or office building, how do you know you are getting the best value for out of the space available?

Our experience in these areas, including shop fitouts and kitchen design is vast. Please see our gallery for examples of our work or contact us so we can show you how to maximise your investment.

Kitchen design

The advantage of getting a Modarch kitchen design is the same as a design of buildings, it is all about creating a functional design that allows you to get the most out of the space you have.

Modarch can design a plan that you can take to builders, or Modarch can arrange a builder for you. This saves you time and money.

Modarch can even bring the plan to life via its 3D software program, which allows you to try different colour schemes and layouts. Ask if anyone can do this to the same detail Modarch can.

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