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Why Modarch?

Why Modarch?

Project management + customer service

project managment, Canberra architect, customer service

Canberra architect project management

canberra architect,project management, customer service

First class customer service top priority

Modarch is a well-renowned Canberra architect with more than a decade of expertise in residential and commercial building design. Our company prides itself on bringing clients’ dreams to life and to offer first class project management & customer service. We have worked with many clients over the years, some of which have brought in pictures of parts of different buildings they have liked. Our people have combined these features into a design the clients have fallen in love with.

We bring certainty to projects by offering project management services and other tools that assist clients visualise their design. Clients can see their designs come to life in 3D, with our unique software. It even enables clients to see colour schemes for walls, floors and the exterior.

Modarch has a panel of preferred builders. Why do we do this? We understand that builders are not all the same. Some specialize in particular styles of homes. Modarch can suggest a builder for your particular home design. The builders we work with have proven their quality of workmanship on many projects over many years. Of course, this does not mean you only have to use our builders. If you have a preferred builder you know and trust, we will happily work with them.


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